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Protein Services

We produce and deliver exceptional quality by maintaining and adhering to ISO13485 Standards and strict Quality Management Systems.

  • Protein Identification

  • Gene Design & Optimisation

  • Subcloning, Mapping & Sequencing

  • Cell Transformation & Expression

  • Pilot Scale Production

  • Purification

  • Stability Studies

  • Optimisation of Expression

  • Commercial Scale Production

  • Delivery

lab vortexer

Eradicating disease through early and innovative diagnostics.

We see the provision of diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases in the developing world, as key to this pursuit.

Driven by the global need for improved in vitro diagnostics, BioTech Africa’s range of highly purified recombinant proteins is used in the manufacture of diagnostic test kits for point of care rapid diagnostics and in research institutions.


We offer a variety of protein expression platforms, including bacteria and mammalian cells, along with a host of other protein services, including protein refolding and structural biology analysis.


With our proprietary technology, we are able to deliver highly stable and functionally active recombinant proteins.

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