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Zika Recombinant Proteins

Our Zika Virus recombinant proteins include N-terminal His-tagged DIII Envelope protein (expressed in E.coli)

Zika Proteins

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a Flavivirus transmitted by the daytime active mosquito Aedes aegypti. ZIKV infection during pregnancy may cause severe birth defects, and has been associated neurological disorders in adults (Guillain–Barré syndrome).


An estimated 2.17 billion people are living in areas where the risk of ZIKV infection is significant.

Zika Virus DIII Env

Because of the relatively high level of conservation between the genome sequences of different flaviviruses, antibodies against the antigenic proteins of one flavivirus type frequently cross react with homologous antigens of others, rendering accurate diagnosis of specific flaviviral infections by antibody-based serological tests difficult.


However, a detailed phylogenetic analysis of flavivirus sequences (including those derived from recently isolated ZIKV sequences), suggests that sufficient genetic distinctions exist in certain regions of flaviviral envelope (Env) proteins, which may be exploitable for refining the antibody capture specificities of Env-based flaviviral biomarkers.


One such region is found within the C-terminal immunoglobulin-like third domain (DIII) of the ZIKV envelope glycoprotein (ZIKV Env), a major target of antibodies elicited by flaviviruses that mediates viral entry through low-affinity interactions with glycosaminoglycans on the surfaces of host cells.


The BioTech Africa ZIKV Env (DIII) is a recombinant form of DIII encoded by a ZIKV strain isolated from a patient in Brazil.


It has been designed and produced using proprietary methods, and optimized for use as an antibody capture reagent in immunodiagnostic assays for ZIKV infection.

Zika Virus Recombinant Proteins

Price: $100/mg

Discount is available for bulk orders, contact us for information.

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