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Syphilis Recombinant Proteins

Our Treponema pallidum recombinant proteins include N-terminal His-tagged TmpA, TpN17 and TpN47 (expressed in E.coli)


The causative agent of Syphilis is the bacterium Treponema pallidum.


The immune responses to T. pallidum are primarily directed against the following membrane lipoproteins: TpN47, TpN17, TpN15 and TmpA. TpN47 is highly immunogenic and activates vascular endothelial cells, causing cellular abnormalities characteristic of infection, while TpN17 and TpN15 induce robust humoral (antibody) responses.


In independent studies, TmpA is the most frequently identified antigen (95%) while the remaining antigens are recognised with the following prevalence:


  • TpN47, 92.5%

  • TpN17, 89.5%

  • TpN15, 67.5%


When setting up an lateral flow assay, our R&D team has established the best combination of antigens is: TpN17 and TmpA combined conjugate, with TpN17 and TpN47 for capture.


(more details available on request.)

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