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About Us

Our current range of highly purified recombinant proteins are used in the manufacture of diagnostic test kits for point of care rapid diagnostics, and research institutions.

Specialists in recombinant protein production & bioprocessing

Driven by the global requirement for improved in vitro diagnostics.


Our current range of highly purified recombinant proteins are used in the manufacture of diagnostic test kits for point of care rapid diagnostics, and research institutions.


We offer a variety of protein expression platforms along with a host of other protein services, including protein refolding and structural biology analysis.  


With our proprietary technology, we are able to deliver highly stable and functionally active recombinant proteins.

We proudly boast:

  • ISO13485 certification (The first of it’s kind in Africa)

  • Proprietary technology, facilitating the delivery of recombinant proteins in native functional conformations.

  • Customised protein design and delivery services.

  • Local & international customer base (testimonials)

  • End-user support – assistance with applications including assay design, optimisation and protein conjugation

Executive Team

Dr Alexio Capovilla

Chief Scientific Officer


BSc(Hons) (Molecular Medicine and Haematology) – University of the Witwatersrand.

Ph.D. (Molecular Biology) – University of the Witwatersrand Medical School.

P.D.M. – Wits Business School.

Summary of Experience

In 2005, Alexio was appointed to the Department of Molecular Medicine and Haematology and co-director of the HIV Pathogenesis Research Laboratory (HPRL). Here he used extensive experience gained in virological research to pursue a budding interest in the biology of HIV.


At HPRL, he began investigating various aspects of the mechanism of HIV-1 entry into host cells, research that is directly applicable to the development of novel HIV-1 therapeutic compounds, vaccine immunogens and recombinant diagnostic products.


Alexio’s research career has involved temporary positions at collaborating laboratories in France (Laboratoire du Radiosensibilite, Commisariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA), Paris) and Sweden (Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Medical Nobel Institute, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm).

Dr Jenny Leslie

Chief Operation Officer


1st Class BSc Hons. Microbiology – Glasgow University

PhD Virology – Glasgow University (Medical Research Council)

Diploma in Information Technology – Glasgow University

Summary of Experience

After graduating in 1994 with a PhD in Virology, from The University of Glasgow, Jenny moved away from academia and spent two years travelling the world before doing a one year conversion course in Information Technology at The University of Glasgow.  She gained early work experience as a Project Manager implementing and selling Enterprise Management software with Artemis International.  

Four children later and co-founder of Cape Radios Products Inc (USA & UK), a company manufacturing and selling two-way radio accessories globally.  


Jenny co-founded Biotech Africa in 2014 with a vision of helping South Africa's fight against HIV, as well as responding to human infectious disease diagnosis.  

Mr Paul Anley

Non-executive Chairman


Paul has a B.Pharm Degree from Rhodes University and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Summary of Experience

Paul held senior positions at South Africa Druggist (now Aspen Pharmacare) and Warner-Lambert (now Pfizer). He was founder and Chief Executive Officer of PharmaDynamics, one of South Africa's largest generics pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Roles and responsibilities include leadership, strategic direction, business performance and financial management.


Mr Etienne Du Toit

Head of Operations


Etienne has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and 20 years experience in the global diagnostics industry.

Summary of Experience

At Abbott U.K (Dartford) Etienne held the role of Operations Manager overseeing the production and distribution of the Murex ELISA line. Following Abbott's acquisition by DiaSorin Spa he was jointly responsible for transitioning the facility to the new company. As Operations Executive at DiaSorin South Africa, he was able to contribute to an increase in both volumes and profitability. 

Dr Johan (Kabous) Visser

Tissue Culturer


PhD Physiological Sciences, Stellenbosch University

Summary of Experience

An early career Research Scientist with a passion for translational medical research.  Kabous has applied himself in protein production for use in diagnostics, at the forefront of applied patient therapy.  He is a versatile tissue culturer with just under 10 years of experience culturing varied cell types, from microbial to mammalian.  Perfectionistic attention to detail and output-focused work ethic, make for expertly designed and delivered product every time.

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