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Syphilis TpN17 Recombinant Protein

Syphilis TpN17 Recombinant Protein

The causative agent of Syphilis is a bacterium: Treponema pallidum.


The immune responses to T. pallidum are primarily mediated by the following membrane lipoproteins: TpN47, TpN17, TpN15 and TmpA.


TpN47 is highly immunogenic and activates endothelial cells, while TpN17 and TpN15 induce antibody responses. In independent studies, TmpA is the most frequently identified antigen (95%) while the remaining are recognised with the following prevalence:


  • TpN47, 92.5%

  • TpN17, 89.5%

  • TpN15, 67.5%

Price: $80/mg

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