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HIV-1 p24 (Subtype C Clone) Protein

Recombinant HIV-1 p24 (Subtype C Clone)

The double-stranded RNA genome of mature HIV-1 virions is contained within a rigid capsid structure, the major component of which is a 24 kDa protein, p24. p24 is produced from a polyprotein precursor protein (Pr55Gag), which is cleaved into the mature Gag proteins – matrix (MA/p17), capsid (CA/p24), nucleocapsid (NC/p7) and p6 – following proteolytic cleavage by the viral protease.


p24 monomers assemble into conical capsids at the host cell membrane, encapsidating the p7/6-associated viral genomic RNAs before budding from the infected cell as part of mature, enveloped, infectious virions.


Following HIV infection, the markers to identify infection in their order of appearance in serum are: viral RNA, p24 antigen, and anti-HIV antibody.


About 2 weeks after infection, viremia is thought to increase exponentially and then decline to a steadystate level as the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses control HIV replication.


Assays (made with recombinant gp41 & gp36), can detect antibody against HIV-1 gp41 or HIV-2 gp36 in most individuals at about 3 to 4 weeks post-infection.


The inclusion of p24 to detect anti-p24 antibodies can reduce this window period to 2 weeks post infection.

Caution: This product is intended for research or manufacturing use only.

Price: $250/mg

Discount is available for bulk orders, contact us for information.

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